Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday's With Rodney:1995 Score Backfield Stars

Once again, we tackle the shiny stuff when it comes to Rodney Hampton cardboard.

Today's is from 1995 Score. The insert was called Backfield Stars and fell at a rate of 1:37 packs so it wasn't an easy pull. I picked this one up in a trade and only ever pulled one from Score but it was a good one in Emmitt Smith.

The cards featured the leagues top runners and the card front contains a holographic gold foil background with a colored player in the forefront. The word Backfield Stars runs down the side.
For some reason, the back of the card decided to delete itself so today's post has front only.

What are your thoughts on today's card?


  1. For as basic as the Score base set was, I think this insert adds a lot of flash to the experience with the refractive foil. I like the handoff action shot, too!

  2. Really nice looking insert. Some 90s inserts really show their age, by being too "90's" looking, but this insert is a ageless design.