Monday, September 26, 2016

2016 SCC NFL Week 3 (UPDATED)

Week 3 of the NFL has ended for me, next week I will need to wait til Tuesday as the Giants play on Monday Night.

For now, I can recap how my Week 3 went.

The Giants fell flat. Led 21-9 at one point and bit by bit the Redskins clawed back and completely shut down the Giants in the second half. They did not have their A-game and you could tell that by the frustrations on the sidelines especially by Odell Beckham who was the main focus of the game vs Josh Norman. I am just glad the talk of those two is over with....til the next meeting.

The haunting memories of Eli's interception past came back including one at the end when the Giants were trying to drive for a game winning FG. He threw a really bad one earlier in the third quarter and two more were dropped. It was very ugly on some throws and beautiful on others. He still threw for over 350 yards and hooked up with rookie (and quickly becoming my favorite player) Sterling Shepard for a nice TD.

Eli wasn't the only turnover player. Shane Vereen who has looked good at RB and coming out of the backfield as a WR, fumbled for his second consecutive week. Despite that, he has looked the best at running the ball in my opinion from all of the backs.

The defense looked like last year's version giving up big plays and leaving WR's open. Despite how poor the defense played, it was still nice to see Vernon get his first sack finally. I hope this is a start for him. They need to get more pressure. QB's have way too much time to throw and have the first three weeks. Spags needs a new plan for next week.

So with the Giants falling this week, they drop to 2-1 on the year and 1-1 in the division. They play as I stated above, a very tough defensive team in the 3-0 Vikings next week on the road. Will be a tough task. One I am hope they are up for and one I think they gotta win to get back on track. I don't want to see memories of this weeks collapse. 

As for my NFL Pick Em, let's just say another bad week on all of my leagues of that including my survivor pick for $100 as I picked Pitt. Maybe next year!

Fantasy Football treated me well however. I am going to beat a top team in the TCSP league and my own personal league I am going to get my first win it appears unless D.Freeman tears it up tonight and Jacob Tamme does nothing. I lead by 24. 

In my personal league, I was determined this week to not fall 0-3. I cut 4 players, traded for 2 (including Odell Beckham) and traded 4 away. Signed 9 new and kept playing with cutting and signing all week up until kickoff yesterday. My biggest play was signing Shane Vereen right before the Giants game and starting him and my worst mistake was benching Sterling Shepard. I will make sure that won't happen again. I feel pretty good about my team going forward now except at running back. It's something I am struggling with. I picked up Doug Martin that someone cut but it could be weeks before I can use him. In the meantime, I just gotta keep cutting and signing as I have no real number 1 and 2 back and hope for the best.

Let's hear how your NFL week went with your Fantasy, NFL Pick Em and/or Team played in comments!

UPDATE: I ended up in a tie thanks to D.Freeman tearing apart the Saints defense. So I am still in the winless column at 0-2-1.

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