Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Mail's Long Journey

Back in about the middle of August, @JGfan24ever on Twitter was running one of his #PWEPayItFoward fun contests where he had a drop bucket of cards he was giving away and asked that you picked out one that you would want to win.

There were many options to choose from but I settled in on was this card...
Yes, it seems wrong being a huge Giants fan choosing an Eagles card (especially during Giants show-off card week), but I love Certified first of all. The patch looks really cool (even though Jordan needs a lot of help with his auto) and just the overall appeal of the card had me.
So like @JGfan24ever always does, he mailed it right out. What we didn't expect was it never arriving.....
Until yesterday.
We had already pretty much decided that the mail carrier had lost it. Which seemed the case til the half mangled envelope arrived in my mail box to my surprise yesterday. I checked over the envelope to see if there was an indication that it had been lost and I noticed one slight mistake with my address on the envelope which must have caused it to go back to who knows where and sit there for who knows how long and almost a month later they decided to finally pass it forward.

Despite the envelopes poor appearance, the card was mint. Out of all of this, the fact it arrived and arrived safely is what really matters.

So a big thanks is owed to @JGfan24ever for the mail day. Not only does he run many contests, he is a really great guy. No joking about that. Just check him out on Twitter and I know you will agree.

So let's have a topic to go along with this mail day to,
Have you ever expected something to show up that either never did or did much later? What happened? Leave your thoughts below!

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