Thursday, October 13, 2016

Project Pedro Trade Recap Part 13:Newton's Law, Gotta Own A RC Auto

October has officially been named, Cards I Got From Project Pedro Blog Month.

By now, you have seen quite the gallery, but you are probably wondering where the BAM went after I kicked off this series with a huge card and mentioned there was more to come.

Well, I thought I would post another as I am saving the best card for last.

You know what rights with Bam right, yes CAM!
Last years NFL MVP and a guy who helped lead the Panthers to Super Bowl 50, now makes his new home in my rookie autograph collection. 

It's my first rookie auto of his and I think the card looks really nice with the clean crystal-clear photography. I am just hoping he continues to lead the Panthers and continues to play well and not flop now (as I am sure we all hope with any rookie auto we pull or trade for) that I own this. This year isn't looking good so far as his offensive line forgot how to protect him.

Have you ever traded for a rookie auto with a good value then the player flopped along with the value? Who was it? Let me know, and try not to scare me, in comments!


  1. Geez, I wanna know what you're sending in return to dudes like this guy and Grady who hook you up with huge packages of great cards! I'd be overwhelmed and curl into a trembling ball. lol

  2. It's a very tough decision on some cards over the years I have pulled or traded for from someone else that fits their PC. This year I have let go more cards than I have in the past that normally I would hold onto. hasn't been easy, but I know it fits their PC's more than mine and I get something solid back I prefer more.

    But, more importantly, those two you speak of are great guys and are very generous highly recommended traders. I have another big trade going on right now with another in 90s niche football card blog. Someone else I put on this list.

    And believe me, when their stuff shows up, I am freaking out. My wife wonders why I am squealing in the other room most of the time haha. But I also get excited over little trades to. Anything new is fun.

  3. Don't delve too deep in football. But I just sold a hand up of Rajon Rondo autographed rookies for maybe half what I paid. He has turned into quite a disappointment after his first years with the big 3.

  4. With my WVU collection I'm pretty careful about the cards I pick up. I rarely spend more than $10 on any one card. This has proven wise because many of the recent WVU guys have come down a ton in value. Geno Smith and Kevin White are the best examples. I've picked up Exquisite Collection rookies of Steve Slaton and Pat White for a couple bucks. At peak these cards would have been 100+

    In terms of trading I rarely go after a certain card. Most of my trades I'm involved in are blind trades. That is the nice thing about our community. It is not $ value driven. It is more looking out for the other guys collection.

    With purchasing high end rookie cards I'm usually extra careful. With baseball you can almost always find a lull in value. Guys like McCutchen, Gerrit Cole, Gregory Polanco and Starling Marte all had points in their development where cards were cheap. It is all about timing. I remember regularly picking up Cutch autos for $10.

    1. That Newton is an awesome card by the way!

  5. No doubt as to the one for me...Johnny Football.

  6. I have what I lovingly refer to as my land of misfit toys box in my Colts PC. Studded with gems such as Anthony Gonzalez, Blair White, Mike Hart, Jerry Hughes and Bjoern Werner. That prat falls of collecting the laundry!

  7. I don't think I've traded in a long time probably because I usually just give stuff away, but the I have been burnt many times by not selling when the iron was hot, now I have a ton of RG3, Kaepernick, Justin Blackmon, Josh Gordon and Trent Richardson High End RC cards that I lost my shirt on.