Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Good, The Bad, The USPS

In what has been the oddest trade I have had in terms of the USPS, I finally received one of my two packages a couple of days ago from @JGfan24ever.

Before I go on with my mail day, here is a backstory.

About a week ago, @JGfan24ever had a Giants card (I won't mention what it is so I don't ruin the surprise when it arrives) that I really wanted so we agreed upon a trade. We both mailed out our ends about a day apart and his end was set to arrive for this past Monday and mine was for Tuesday.

Well, USPS had other plans.

While I stared at my phone for him to receive his, it appeared they walked by his house and forgot to deliver it on Monday. But, luckily for him, he got it that Tuesday. That was the first scare. The second one, that still is continuing, was mine as I waited for my Giants card to arrive on Tuesday. Everything looked great til USPS decided to forward my package on for some reason. The last time this happened I waited 17 days for a card. I knew at that moment a new nightmare may begin.

I am currently still waiting on the card since Tuesday with no further updates on where it is. I am not happy and have no idea what to do. I may call them today and check to see if they have any updates.

In the meantime before I rant too much, we pulled off a second trade. @JGfan24ever had picked up some Giants cards for me and had the person he bought from send them my way. In return, I sent him some Colts. Once again I feared the same issue would occur as tracking showed me it arrived at my post office. Luckily this time, they ended up in my mail box and not on the moon somewhere.
So let's show off what arrived.

Up first, a Damontre Moore autograph. It's too bad this guy didn't pan out. There was high expectations for him.

Andre Brown War Room jersey. He had a few good games but failed to make it as a full time starter. But, a Giants a Giant!

A sweet looking Tools Of The Trade Andre Williams. This makes Williams number 88.

Up next, an amazing Rueben Randle. Love this addition to my PC. Marks Randle number 103.

And finally, a 2/20 Eli Manning memorabilia add. Even though Eli has been around since 2004, this is only like my 5th jersey card of his.
A big thanks goes out to @JGfan24ever for the trade. I really appreciate it! I hope the other package arrives soon so I can show that off as well.
Thoughts on my trade mail day are welcomed. Also would be curious if you ever had issues with USPS with forwarding your packages before and having them be lost for weeks. Let me know in comments!


  1. Well, no issues with the USPS... Mine are with Canada Post.. Especially when they decide they're going to strike for whatever reason they feel like that day. For about a month I was hesitant to make trades because I didn't know if they were going on strike and if they were, that the cards weren't going to get lost in the ether.

  2. Funny enough, I was supposed to have a 1/1 TY Hilton delivered today, only to find out it went to NY instead of El Paso. Can't wait to see how long this takes to get.

  3. For as many trade packages and eBay purchases I've had over the years... I can probably count on my hands how many times I've had issues with the USPS. Knock on wood.