Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mail Day Saturday:Reader Mail Day Part VIIII

Part VIIII is absolutely loaded with football Prizm awesomeness. Some from 2016 and some from 2015. Either way, it's a winner.

Up first, lots of rookie Prizms including DROY Joey Bosa. Oh yes, Kevin White is in there to but I guess with his playtime in 2015 this could be a rookie of him haha.

These will bring a sparkle to your eye. It's not just the border, it's the bubbly pop in the background. Just incredible.

Lot's of color in this group with Carson Palmer. The bottom make me think I need to jump into the card and I will be transported to that game.

Some shining stars that are actually shining! I sure hope Todd Gurley can shine again.

A Dazzling Fitz!

Some cool older parallels including Dickerson.

And speaking of Dickerson, he finishes up this part of the mail day.

Only two-parts remain in this mail day. One is a bit chromey, the other, hits loaded. I will take a break from those parts next week and showcase another recent mail day that was a big help and cheap acquisition towards my Psych autograph set chase. Stay tuned and leave your thoughts on today's mail day part below and your thoughts on Prizm football.

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