Friday, March 17, 2017

WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!:Smooth Rock

The next edition of What's In The Box was kicked off by a 2003 World Series find. This time it's a bit different and has nothing to do with sports. I had a feeling I would come across some non-sport items.

As I mentioned in that post, I made this wooden box in graded school,
and it appears I kept an item in there from graded school as well. No, I didn't propose to anyone in graded school and no there isn't a ring inside...

It was a rock. And no, that's not my inner Charlie Brown from the Halloween special coming out. This is one of those science experiments in graded school we did using a Rock Tumbler. You know, one of those machines that takes a rough-edged rock and turns it smooth. Tumblers also do/create other things with rocks and jewelry.
So yes, I made you click on this link to see a rock. You probably could have looked outside but where's the fun in that. So I hope this post didn't disappoint and hope it ROCKed.

At least you know I am genuinely showing you WHAT'S IN THE BOX ;)

Let me know in comments your thoughts on today's find and if you have use or still use a rock tumbler


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    1. Commish... you earned my vote for "Comment of the Year".

    2. Haha. I thought my puns were good, but you win. And no, never been stoned. Just in a rocky place right now ;)