Friday, August 18, 2017

Taking Chances

I have recently begun to explore more trading and taking more chances with new trading partners. That's something I am not usually into. I don't like the risks so I don't put myself out there. But, the last few days I have and pulled off a couple of good trades including today's mail day.

@B_Litch88 put up a couple of nice looking Sterling Shepard autographs on Twitter I just had to get. I couldn't let him just sit there. So I inquired about them and we worked out a trade pretty fast. He was a very reasonable trading partner and I was glad we worked it out as smoothly as we did.

He not only mailed out the Shepards, I will show in a second, he also tossed in some really nice extras I didn't have. The Jennings and Perkins are both /75.

The first Shepard is from Playoff football.

The second has a sick patch and is from Limited. It's also on-card.
A big thanks goes out to @B_Litch88 for the easy trade and I am hoping we can make more down the road. Give him a follow as well as he does giveaways and is always looking to trade.

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