Friday, November 2, 2018

What's The Most You Have Ever Spent?

You ever just think about how funny it is that we spend paper on cardboard? Like it's an exchange of items that are made from a tree.

If only money grew on trees.....imagine how much cardboard we could get in an exchange??

Money is the root of the hobby. You really can't collect without some form of it. Whether it's a little or a lot it is still needed to be apart of the community. It also keeps companies and collectors going and moving forward.

My hobby background had me spending little in my youth, a lot in my 20's, and now just enough for shipping prizes and trades with the very rare occasional new cardboard addition. As I have gotten older, I have gotten wiser with how to use money. If only I had been smarter in my 20's, I might have been better off now. So for those of you youngin's who may be reading this, don't overdo your finances early on. Be smart.

In my 20's, I would go to the local gas station, it served as my hobby shop, and I would easily drop $100 on card boxes at a time. Now I barely can dish out $10 on a Walmart hanger. I would also pick up card singles or go to yard sales and spend $20-$100 without thinking about it. Now I pick up a new card on eBay maybe every other month if I have anything left over from shipping.

With so much turnover in my finances for the hobby, it got me to thinking, what was the most I have ever spent on a single purchase?

So I wanted to take a look back.
  1. The most I have ever spent on hobby boxes was roughly $160 from dacardworld. That's probably not a lot to some of you who are bigger spenders, but that was a lot for me and it was also a long time ago.
  2. The most I have ever spent on a card, well that would be $60 a few years ago to pick up a 1997 Totally Certified Gold for my Rodney Hampton PC. There are only 30 in existence.
  3. The most I have ever spent on a yard sale purchase, well, that was $100. But, that was one amazing acquisition. This guy had unopened boxes from the early 90's 20 Derek Jeter Upper Deck rookie cards, Mark McGwire rookie, so on and so forth. The boxes were marked commons, but they were far from that. It took an entire van to load it up and bring it home. That was well over 10 years ago as I have never found a yard sale that good again. Not that I could afford it now.

Fast forward, I sat down and thought about my spending at those times. The $160 on hobby boxes yielded me nothing but junk but it did give me joy opening it. The Rodney Hampton card was found a week later at $20 BIN. Should I regret spending $40 more on it, yeah some obviously as I could have used that elsewhere, but it made me happy to have it and finish off my three card rainbow. Finally, the yard sale pickup. I won't ever regret that.

Do I wish I still had those kind of funds today? Yes. But, that doesn't mean the hobby still isn't enjoyable for me. I make the best of what I have and that's still enough to make the hobby fun for me. Big or small funds, the most important part is that it's still fun and never has been about the money.

So I wanna know, what's the most you have ever spent?


  1. I'm curious what you do for a living these days, but I suppose it's not of my business.

    Most I've spent on cards in one go is $316.07 for a certified auto from 1976 which I'll post about in the next few days.

    1. I look forward to seeing it. It's also not sometimes about the job, it's about the life situations as well.


  3. Single Purchase: $685 on my 1972 Topps set in 2013

    I have probably spend around this much (maybe more, maybe less) on one or two DA Card World orders. I'd have to do some research on this. I know my 2008 UD Masterpieces FB case was close to this price.

    Single Card: $249 on my autographed 1993 BBM Ichiro Suzuki

    Last year, San Jose suffered some serious flooding and eBay offered a 20% off coupon to the residents of our town. This card was originally listed at $299, but I was able to take $50 off with the coupon.

    1. That was a seriously good deal on the Ichiro!

  4. My most for a single card was $200, which I did twice, my Dale Earnhardt and Magic Johnson autographs. Most I've done on a box was 2003-04 Exquisite Collection, which was $500 for five cards. I pulled a patch of my least favorite player, and an autograph of Reggie Miller, who, as a long time Knicks fan, is not someone I particularly like. Since my health has gone down the tubes I know I'll never be able to do that again.

    1. I hated Reggie as well because as you know I was a big 90's Knicks fan.

  5. I spent $80 on a 1961 Topps #572 Brooks Robinson back in the mid-late 1990's. It's probably the only card I purchased during the 1990's that has retained value.

    I rarely spend more than $10 on a modern card as I know it won't retain the value.

  6. Been buying cards for a long time so my memory may be a bit fuzzy. I believe the most I've ever spent on a single card was for a '58 Mantle I bought in raw form a couple of years ago for my set build. I spent about $30 more to have it graded (I was doubting it's authenticity). I've hit the $150 mark several times for vintage cards.

    My largest single transaction was probably buying my 1960 partial/starter lot. I think it ran be about $240. It was a bargain.

    Boxes? I can count on two fingers the number of costly boxes I've bought. Both were A&G when I was doing Gint-A-Cuffs five and six years ago. They were about $80(?). The other boxes I've bought were junk wax stuff I bought for ripping for fun.

    If we are considering non-card purchases then all bets are off. I've picked up several expensive publications, early Orioles and NY Rangers and Baltimore Colts guides, programs and yearbooks. Money well spent in my eyes though.

  7. Most expensive box I've bought is probably only in the $100 range.

    Most I've spent on one card or transaction is just south of $400 for a T213-1 Coupon cards.

  8. Biggest single card purchase is probably $250 for my '55 Ted Williams.

    My SportLots and COMC orders are usually up over $100 at a time, but I try to spread them out every couple months.

    Card shows - I just show up and basically start throwing $20's at people. I can spend a couple hundred easy - and have probably gone over a grand in a week at the National on mostly vintage.

    I live cheap and don't have much else going on, as you can imagine.