Thursday, April 18, 2019

Rodney's Corner:2002 Topps Reserve Autograph Mini Helmet

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with the newest segment, Rodney's Corner. This segment will feature all of my newest Rodney Hampton additions. This will still stick with the 90's because it's the era Rodney was from and why I collected him.

Today's item, yes not a card this time,was the one autograph I had left of Rodney's to find up until Panini released it's 2018 products. I was this close to owning every Rodney Hampton autograph on my checklist til 2018.

Now I am four away including three 1/1's. That's next to impossible.

In the early 2000's, Topps came out with the Topps Reserve line and it was spread across a few sports. Every hobby box of the product came with packs of cards and a mini helmet, hat, or other signed item. I think it was a fun concept and even bought a box of the baseball at the time. I did pretty well and will share that when we hit the 2000's in my Origins series.

For years I have been searching for the Rodney Hampton helmet to pop up at a reasonable price and one finally did. With some work of magic from my friend @90sNicheFBCard I was able to land it and cross it off the checklist.

I tried my best to capture the autograph magic but it wouldn't show to well through the plastic with so many reflections. But, here's the back of the helmet with the sticker and numbering of the helmet.

Thanks to Bryan for the sweet addition. This was actually one of many Hampton additions he helped me with in our trade.

Til next time...


  1. Wow, congrats on a nice piece! Also, I 100% remember all the Saturday morning cartoon bumpers like that.

  2. Sweet Hampton! Be careful how you display it. I picked up a Shawn Alexander for my Hawks collection a few years ago and displayed it in my office on my Seahawks shelf. The autograph is almost completely faded. I have a bunch of autographs displayed in there (blinds are closed and sunlight is very limited) and that helmet is the only one that faded.

    1. Oh no! Don't worry me like that. I got to put it in a tote then I guess. Could be it's only hope. Right now its being store in a dark basement.