Friday, August 2, 2019


Like I posted a few days ago, @card_a_holic absolutely blew me away with freebies in our trade. Not only did he pass along those 54 Mark Brunells I posted about, but he also sent me.....hold on....wait for it....122 Kerry Collins cards.


I was floored!

Just like with Brunell, I don't plan to show them all off, yet. I have a new idea with the 90's cards from this pile. So I chose a few to show off from the pile.
Collins avoiding an Eagles defender. Why is it that every Giants QB seems to have a defender around them??

I really liked this short lived product. Some incredible hits to find as well

Collins throwing a bomb while Tiki gets a piece of the defender in a block

Collins firing against a team he would soon after play for.

Yuge thanks goes out to Brian for the freebies and trade. Can't wait til we do this again!

More to come from what he sent soon. You may have to follow some instructions to view them.

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