Thursday, August 15, 2019

Keep 'Em Coming

Keep Em Coming is what I say when it comes to autographs of Giants 6th overall pick, Daniel Jones.

Many, including myself at first were shocked by the drafting of Jones at 6. But, somehow or another I started to feel better about this pick and am getting excited for what the season brings. Just to let you know, this was typed before the Giants first preseason game so if something went wrong in that game with Jones, well, my opinion may have changed.

But, for now, I am really excited about the Giants future of Jones, Barkley, Shepard and Engram on offense.

Recently I made a PWE trade with @jewfro_44 for another Jones auto for my PC.

 Leaf Metal Draft. On card and shiny is a great combo.

Nice! The non logo doesn't bother me too badly yet.

Thanks to @jewfro_44 for the easy trade. He claimed the cards I first posted up for grabs on Twitter in exchange for Jones and Saquon cards. I still have more up on Twitter now if any of you want to do some trading and once again I am looking for more Jones and Saquon.


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    1. It is just preseason so I am not tryingg to get too hyped but yes he looks good up to this point and proving critics wrong.