Saturday, August 17, 2019

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 12

Let's talk about sets babyLet's talk about it with me
Let's talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let's talk about sets (1995)
Let's talk about sets (Summitt)
Let's talk about sets (Uh huh)
Let's talk about sets....

1991 song by Salt-N-Pepa was about a much different topic than I am turning it into. You see, I am staying on topic with cards. Not,well, what they were talking about. This newest segment about the 90's will focus on my set chases (the ones I have already used for a Origins Post or don't plan on using) and new additions to them along with updates on how far I have gotten.

It's time for us to sit down and have that discussion between your parents and you that you tried to avoid. You know, that conversation you have with them about the Flairs and the Pinnacles. Kids, it's time to Talk About Sets.

Today's sets talk is from my trade with @card_a_holic who I said caught my attention from having set needs for me.

So let's check out the sauciness today.

We are knocking down two needs for my 1995 Summit Rookie Summit set. Something about the photography on these really drew me in to wanting to collect them.

Stoney Case showing off some skills. If only he had on the field for the Cardinals.

Kyle Brady taking a leap into the NFL.

These mark cards 7 and 8 towards the set of 18. I still have a long ways to go but if I keep chipping away and having sets work more often, I can get this done.

A lot more to show off still in this trade.