Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Mr. Jones And Barkley

Mr. Jones and Barkley...tell each other the football plays and get criticized by the NY Media, Jones is throwing to you but he actually throwing to Barkley. Jones doesn't want to be Bob Griese, Mr. Jones wishes he was someone a bit more funky.......

Yes, my inner Counting Crows came out today for my latest mail day.

First up, @SwantonSportsCards,

he was posting a sale and had a Daniel Jones 2019 Legacy Premium card up for sale and since I am not usually able to buy, I went trade style which luckily for me he happily obliged.

He also uncovered a Luminance rookie as well I didn't have.

Thanks to @SwantonSportsCards for the trade. Really hope we can do this again!

Up next, my first ever trade with @TimothyTmaciag who saw me tweet out some trade bait for some Barkley or Daniel Jones cards. So far up to my typing of this has been the only one to claim a card to trade for.

Here is what he passed along,
Select rookie card.

Select silver Prizm Premier Level. Love the look!

And then threw in two freebies!

Amani Toomer Bowman Chrome rookie refractor

And this super sweet rookie I didn't have of Victor Cruz that is

numbered 7/10!! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!

Thanks goes out to Timothy on this easy trade. Hope we can do more down the road.

As for the rest of you, check out my trade bait I have been posting on Twitter and lets make some PWE trades already!!


  1. Wow... those are some nice freebies!

  2. Toomer! Glad you finally got a few cards of Jones, and the Barkley stuff is cool too.

    1. yes, I have more Jones to show off soon enough. It's amazing how high his cards have gone since one preseason drive