Sunday, September 22, 2019

Rodney's Cardboard:1992 Pinnacle Sample

I recently stumbled upon a 5 card lot of 1992 Pinnacle Sample cards that had a key card that I needed. You guessed it, a Rodney.

The lot was overly affordable and to land a new needed Rodney, another NY Giants card I needed and a couple I could trade, then why not grab it?

Bobby Hebert. This one will probably just stay in my 90's collection

Pepper Johnson. New Giants PC card

Chris Spielman

Mike Croel that I traded

Reggie White that I traded. Has a partial Giant on the card as well

And finally the man himself!

The only thing that really separates this from the actual base card is the word SAMPLE written between the card number and his name.

It appears this must have been the main SAMPLE cards that Pinnacle handed out as every time I see a listing for them it is these five. Just glad I grabbed this lot just in case it goes extinct as there are not many listings of these out there.


  1. Never heard of these before, pretty neat though! Too bad you already traded that Reggie, otherwise I would've tried to pry him away from you.

    1. And you could have if I still had it! My Packers buddy wanted it. Wished I had known.