Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Jon Sends The 90's

Awhile back, Jon over at A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts blog mentioned that he had grabbed a few packs for me at a sale he went to.

He recently sent me those packs along with some sweet 90's add ins.

As everyone who has read this blog for awhile now knows, I am a huge Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan and the packs he found were right up my alley. I haven't ever busted these or seen them so this should be a fun rip at some point. Have been thinking about saving them for Christmas then revealing the contents on here. The Series 2 pack above comes with a Power Cap, POG as we called them in the 90's so that should be awesome. Fingers crossed for Kimberly or Tommy!

This Series 2 pack, I assume one is hobby and one is retail, comes with a foil card per pack. Even sweeter.

Jon then proceeded to send along some Spx Finite football cards from 1998 I forgot until I got them that we had discussed in the past he had some extras of.
The 1998 Spx Finite isn't on my full radar, yet, unlike the 1996-1998 releases that were full of hologram awesomeness but who knows. I can't predict where my mind will drift off to next. All of the base cards in that set were numbered.

I think the cards looks nice in terms of layout, design and a touch of foil. Just would be a hard set to chase being all numbered and having Peyton Manning in it.

Not to mention this set has layers to it.

Series one has 190 cards and Series two had 180 cards. Series One base cards, 1-90 were numbered to 7600-sets followed by subsets Playmakers 91-120 that is numbered to 5500-sets and Youth Movement that covered cards 121-150 and numbered to 3000 then Pure Energy cards 151-170 that was numbered to 2500 finally finished off by Heroes of the Game for card numbers 171-180 and numbered to 1250.  Series Two contains had  base cards 191-280 that were numbered to 10,100, Extreme Talent that was card numbers 281-310 and numbered to 7200 followed by the New School cards 311-340 and numbered to 4000 then Sixth Sense cards 341-360 numbered to 2700 and finally Uncommon Valor cards 361-370 numbered to 1620.

Like I said, a lot of layers. Each base card also had 2 parallels.

Let's take a look at what Jon sent,

What?! A Giants card I didn't have...

And another!

My boy TD!

What one of the parallels looks like

And Jon must have seen how much I liked the Kelvin Cato he posted. These Wave Of The Future cards with liquid in them are pretty sharp.

Big thanks to Jon for the mail day. I plan to hit you back at some point!


  1. That's a pretty Zach Thomas card! SPx is definitely a winner.

    1. Was always in my book. Just wished UD still had the license!

  2. I'd like to see pack breakdowns of the two different Power Rangers series. I got a bunch of then when new but can't remember or figure out which is supposed to be the base or which are parallels. A shot or transcription of the insert odds might be very helpful, if they have any, thanks!

  3. By 1998 my interest in SPx had started to subside. I think it had to do with all of the levels. I'll still pick up singles every now and then of players/teams I collect though.

    1. It was not even close to the holograms stuff. That will always be tops in my books!

  4. Nice Davis card.can't wait to see the power ranger cards.

  5. Glad they arrived safely... now let's see that POG already! :)