Friday, December 27, 2019

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 21:1998 Topps Chrome Football

@Cardpocalypse and myself recently pulled off a good size trade, well a big trade since it will take two rounds of mailing to complete it for both of us.

In my end of the trade, Tim did me good with sending some major set help. One of those sets was from 1998 in Topps Chrome.

I have set myself a big task by trying to collect all of the Topps Chrome sets from 96-99 from all sports. I have done this with a couple other products as well.

There are 165 cards in the 1998 Topps Chrome football set including hot rookies of Charles Woodson, Fred Taylor, Randy Moss and of course Peyton Manning. Luckily for me I have nailed down the big ones.

Now it's down to the smaller stuff.

Tim send this gigantic stack of set help.

There were some stars and plenty of other rookies

Imagine how hot this card was in 1998??!

Out of my Topps Chrome chase, the 1998 is the one I am closest to collecting.

Here are my updated numbers for haves
1998 Topps Chrome HAVES

If you have any of this set to help me out, just let me know! 

That does it today for sets talk. There will be plenty of sets ahead!


  1. 1998 Topps Chrome is an awesome set to build. So many great rookies. But man it's always sad to see Robert Edwards rookie cards, because it reminds me of that injury that definitely altered his career.

    1. Yeah. It was a sad injury to. He had a really bright future ahead.