Saturday, February 29, 2020

$25 A Week Challenge Week 13:90's And Today

Another week is over and you know what that means, another week of additions for a value under $25.

First up, I found these 90's jersey cards. What's interesting about these, they are called team threads but have no specific player wearing them, no word if they are game used.

From my research after the purchases, they have a replica jersey swatch embedded that is not game used or even worn by the player. Must be where some of the companies today got their idea from for player worn jerseys.

First up, Eddie George I grabbed for $2 shipping

Up next, Kauffman for $1.25 plus .99 shipping

And then a Davis for $5 plus .99 shipping. I originally thought about doing a set up until I found out they are not game worn. I should had known by the price. I will say though, incredible design and good size swatches especially on these 1998 ones of Kauffman and Davis. They should do these designs for companies today.

I needed this Daniel Jones rookie so for $3 plus $2.90 shipped for an Optic, I will take that.

And then I grabbed this Dwayne Haskins Prizm for my Prizm rookies for $5. Haskins showed some life down the stretch and took control as the Redskins QB. Should be a good year 2.

Overall this week, I went under $25 again with $21.13.

What will I pick up next week, only time will tell. You just never know what you will see me find.


  1. Those jersey cards are pretty weird, even for the 90's. They have an unlicensed feel to them, but one can clearly tell that they aren't. After now seeing them for the first time, I can't help but wonder how they went over at the time?

    1. I wonder that as well. The only jersey cards I ever remember is the Upper Deck Game jersey ones. Those were the hot ones. I never saw or heard of these til I grabbed them. Had I known they were so basic I would have not pulled the trigger

  2. Cool to see a Napoleon Kaufman card pop up on a blog. He was so explosive out of the backfield... and definitely a fan favorite in my area. Card shops would have a special section in the display case for his cards back in the day.

    1. Now they are probably trying to give them away haha

    2. I bet only die-hard Raider card collectors would be interested in them. Sadly... I only know one guy who is really into collecting Raiders and he probably has most of them already.