Friday, February 7, 2020

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 26:1995 Score Red Siege Parallel don't have to collect the Red Siege.....Roxanne...collect the Red Siege...collect the Red Siege.

If you thought when we had sets a few volumes ago that the 1995 Score looked good, well, throw some red foil on it and take it to amazing.

Score Red Siege is a 275 parallel set to the base set and I knew when I started it there was a huge battle uphill to complete it.

But, here I am trying to tackle it regardless. I like challenges.

Thanks to @CardpocalypseNC, I was able to knock some big names down.

Emmitt Smith checklist

Kordell Stewart

Jerry Rice Star Struck

Erik Kramer

Jerome Bettis

Barry Sanders

Man I love the look of these.

Here are the Red Siege current HAVES,

Once again, I may have taken on more than I can chew but being rough sets or not, I am up for the challenge.


  1. The Bettis is a really great looking card, I always forget that he was drafted by the Rams though!

    1. I do too until I bump into them. There are other players I do that with as well such as Eric Dickerson with the Colts