Thursday, February 13, 2020

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 28:1997 Upper Deck Rock Solid Foundation

I am not sure how far along with my sets I would be if it wasn't for @CardpocalypseNC helping me along the way. He has found stuff from his own collection, shows, trades and everywhere else to help me move forward.

Today's is a set I have marked wrong, yes wrong, in my set directory. I have these listed as 1996 when in fact they are from 1997 Upper Deck. I will fix that at some point.

Today we are looking at the latest adds to the set, a 20 card set, that featured the most important players at the time under the age of 25.
Such as Jason Kendall

And Raul Mondesi

With these two added, this is what I have now,
2,3,11,12, 13,16

Not many, so still have a ways to go.

What caught my eyes with these is the pure design factor. I love the foil but the touch of rock/marble in the background sealed the deal. These were found 1:7 packs of 1997 Upper Deck so I don't expect prices to be nuts on them but it will still take a little while to finish building this one.

We will be having more sets soon!


  1. About ten years ago, when I first came back to card collecting, and started going to shows again, I used to see these in dime boxes all the time -- and it continued to be that way for the first year or so, then I stopped seeing them, and haven't seen another one since. It's a nice looking set, but I never picked any up, as I didn't really care about any of the players within it.

    1. For me it's not about the players, it's about the look. It's that way with a few sets I collect