Sunday, February 2, 2020

Rodney's Cardboard:1993 McDonalds Uncut Sheet

I went on a two week span of looking for uncut sheets featuring Rodney and only could find two. I know there must be more out there. Just gotta find them.

In 1993, Mcdonalds ran a promo with the NFL with one of their game peel off contests. As always, there was instant win prizes for food and drink, there was a chance at Super Bowl tickets and there were also points you could earn as well and save those towards merchandise and six card sheets of trading cards at a participating restaurant.

For ten points, customers received a six-card sheet that done regionally so you would have a chance at possible favorite players from your favorite teams.

I picked up the card of Rodney itself last year, but decided I wanted the matching sheet to go with it. I think it was a great idea for under $3.
I should probably find the other NY Giants sheet I believe there is out there.

Looking at this makes me want a Big Mack, Double Quarter Pounder with cheese and bacon, BBQ Bacon burger, their fries when really hot and fresh or all of their breakfast food. 


What is your favorite McDonalds food?


  1. I liked their hash browns when I was a kid. I also remember dipping their french fries into their chocolate milkshake and thinking it tasted good. Not sure if I'd feel the same way today...

    1. I can't ever dunk the fries into anything. I am a plain person lol. However, I do like to bite the fries then drink the shake lol

  2. McDonalds fries are hands down my favorite, but I also enjoy their Filet-O-Fish, Big Macs, and Egg McMuffins.