Sunday, February 23, 2020

Rodney's Cardboard:1997 Action Packed 10 Extra Points Card

Do you ever just see a card you need for your PC but you really don't want to waste the money on it?

I have been there.

My problem is, I did spend the money on it. At least this time.

A few months ago an 1997 Action Packed 100 Extra Points card popped and I say, boy that's gotta be the ugliest Rodney Hampton card I need. It's a redemption and someone wants $35 for it. Yikes. I guess I will let that one slide.

A few months later, I wished I had grabbed it as I may never see it again after 10 Extra Points popped up for $7 and I grabbed it.

The card is as ugly as cards get as it's a redemption card, but these are extremely rare and just glad to have it.

I can't find any information on these such as odds, etc. I can only see what the back of the card tells me. But, one is to assume, these weren't every pack. I have only ever seen one copy of each Hampton ever listed. I just hope that 100 Extra Points comes back at some point even though I doubt I would pour the $35 into it still.

Have any of you ever regretted passing on a card just because of it's appearance?


  1. I'm sure I have passed on a card based on condition and regretted it later, but I can't think of any specific card off the top of my head. Hope you stumble across the 100 point card again.

    1. Thanks! I hope it pops up, I may not avoid it next time

  2. $35 is very high for a long-expired redemption with no photo. I can see why you'd pass on it and pick up the cheaper version. I can't recall any specific card that I didn't buy because of its appearance and later regretted it. That said, there was a pitcher from my hometown who had cards in Topps sets from 1958-'60 and I haven't bought any of them because they're dull looking and his photo is pretty much the same on ever card.

    1. Yeah, if it had been maybe even $20 cheaper I would have snagged it just to complete that part of the PC despite how dull it was. But, no way I would pay $35 for it. Looks like someone must have since it's no longer listed.