Sunday, March 29, 2020

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 41:1995 Score Red Siege Parallel...again.

If you thought when we had sets a few volumes ago that the 1995 Score looked good, well, throw some red foil on it and take it to amazing.

Score Red Siege is a 275 parallel set to the base set and I knew when I started it there was a huge battle uphill to complete it.
But, here I am trying to tackle it regardless. I like challenges.
Thanks to @CardpocalypseNC, I was able to knock even more of these bad boys down.

Here is what he passed along,

(double PC card)

(I like these throwbacks)

(these throwbacks as well)

Quite the additions to the set chase! Thanks Tim!

Luckily the odds on these weren't too tough so a lot of the lower name players can be had for pretty cheap, but the star players are about $5 each so I have been sitting back on them til I can build the cheap players first.


  1. I could see that Floyd being featured in one of your "Caption This Card" posts.

    1. That would have been a perfect fit. As of right now, I have gotten rid of that series however.