Monday, March 30, 2020

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 42:MANY SETS

Trading with @CardpocalypseNC has been great to my set chases. Tim has picked up great stuff for me time after time to help me narrow down a lot of spots in many of my sets.

Whether it's a one card pickup or ten, every little bit has helped me reach a step closer to completion.

Like 1996 Laserview

1997 Upper Deck Rock Solid

1995 Skybox Premium

1996 Zenith

1997 Topps Chrome

1995 Skybox Preimium Quickstrike

1995 Prism

1995 Pro Line Classic silver

1996 Topps Chrome refractor

1998 Topps Chrome refractor

1995 Sp Holoview

Upper Deck Game Breakers

1995 Studio Gold

1995-1996 Flair Hardwood Leader (I wished I had kept my complete set from the 90s

1998 Contenders Leather

1995 Pinnacle Trophy Collection

and 1994 Pinnacle Trophy Collection

Like I said, he has helped some big and small for multiple sets. Even if I never get to complete these sets, the cards themselves are awesome to have.

Thanks again Tim for all of the help!


  1. Those leather footballs are neat, and I loved the Pinnacle Trophy/Museum/Rink collection parallels. My favorite '90s football insert might be the 1996 Playoff Prime X's & O's die-cuts. Do you happen to have any of those?

    1. I have seen them, but don't think I psychically own one yet. That needs to change at some point.

  2. Love the Kennedy and Brooks refractors!