Sunday, March 29, 2020

Rodney's Cardboard:1996 Playoff Prime Metal XL

Not all 90's inserts are created equal. Some dazzle, some sparkle and some just fall flat. There aren't too many that fall flat but today's Rodney's Cardboard is one I would put in that category in terms of mind blowing cards.

1996 Playoff Prime had an insert called, Metal XL that fell at a rate of 1:80 packs. So it wasn't an easy find. But, it's pretty bland when it comes to what you expect out of a 90's insert.

Plain blue background with a touch of foil on the front of the card.

back is pretty bland as well.

This insert looks more of a base card to me than insert. There was a few of those that did in the 90's but not as often as they do today.

I am not sure what sense the insert is either, usually the XL means a larger card or larger size. At least for me and my shirts and pants. But, it doesn't really pertain to this normal piece of cardboard. Oh well, as I said already in this article, can't always be winners.


  1. This lackluster design makes me think of 90% of the inserts produced by Topps and Panini today with one exception. At least this card is pretty rare. Does it hold up well against all of the great sets produced in the era of innovation? No. But I'd take this card over most of the inserts produced these days.

  2. Definitely expect a little better on an insert. Bland is right. Good photo though.