Thursday, June 11, 2020

Ten Things I Like That You Don't Like

Nick, of Dime Boxes fame, seems to have started something that's been rather popular across the blogs a couple of months ago with the 10 things list and now it's my turn. Better late, than never!

I found this to be a really cool conversation piece as I saw he landed close to 20 comments on both of his posts for it. I have only reached twenty a few times on any of my posts and that was because they were giveaways.

Let's see how my lists do. These are in no particular order.

 1. Panini Baseball Cards. Yup, I know they are missing logos, but, they are packed with value and a good portion of them look awesome especially the inserts in Donruss. If you can push past the fact there is no team logos, you will find yourself really engaged with what Panini is putting out.

 2. Allen And Ginter Pop Culture. The top thing I like about Allen and Ginter is the non sport PC. Other than that it's just another product. The mix of pop culture and baseball is what makes it worthwhile. I see so many that complain about the inclusion but I root it on and can't wait to see who they include.

 3. Non Sport Card. This is kind of a follow up to number 2. I love Non Sport Cards and have continued to grow my collection the last few years and will continue to.

 4. Fleer from 1995. This set is very nostalgic to me and I enjoy the wacky/90s colors and designs on the product.

 5. Sticker Autographs. Well, it's more like something I can deal with. Autographs are autographs to me, sticker or on-card. I don't cry when I pull one. Well, unless it's an awful player.

6. Collecting Football Cards. The blogosphere is very baseball heavy and I am one of the very few football guys on here. Which is a positive for me as I can send baseball your way in exchange for football cards.

7. Watching the NFL. There are a lot of die hard fans and then there is the blogosphere/die hard baseball fans which doesn't seem to like football a whole lot. Either way, I am happy to watch it.

 8. Set Collecting. Many have pushed away set collecting as buying/flipping is such a huge thing but I am still into it after 24 years. I have made my set collecting more specific now, but it still exists and I enjoy it.

 9.Trading. So many prefer to sell, but I prefer to trade. How could I not like unloading something I don't want for something I do. Makes sense to me.

 10. Shipping PWE. It's my most preferred method of shipping and if done right, it can very helpful in your trading. For me it's also a way to avoid going to the post office during these times.

Well that does it. Sadly, I found this list harder to make than the things I hate one..hmmm....

If you haven't tried out these posts yet, I hope you do. Would love to see what you come up with.

(by the way, another think I like is the contest that Chavez Ravining is hosting over on his blog. You can enter as well, HERE.)


  1. Fun post. I love non-sport cards and Allen & Ginter are always fun rips. I just don't know what to do with the cards. Doesn't stop me from picking them up when I can. Football cards good. Great conversations to be had on all these.

  2. 1. Panini Baseball Cards - Not A Fan
    2. Allen And Ginter Pop Culture - Fan
    3. Non Sport Card - Fan
    4. Fleer from 1995 - Not A Fan
    5. Sticker Autographs - Not A Fan
    6. Collecting Football Cards - Fan
    7. Watching the NFL - Fan
    8. Set Collecting - Fan
    9.Trading - Not A Fan
    10. Shipping PWE - Fan

    I agree with you on 60% of these. I should probably clarify my stance on trading. It's not that I don't like trading itself. The idea of dumping unwanted stuff for stuff that you want is awesome. I just don't have the time to inventory stuff and building tradelists is just not on my high priority list of things to do.

    1. Yeah I know you have dropped off on the whole trading aspect, but what you do and how you do it when people send you stuff works just as well. I need to get something out to you at some point

    2. I'm with you on the work involved in "trading" Fuji. I'd much rather just box up a bunch of stuff and ship it off to someone.

  3. Love the A&G Pop Culture and Non-Sports cards--at least when I know who people are! Thanks for the shoutout!

    1. Youre welcome! Thanks for contest especially with some A and G pop culture :)

  4. I've seen a lot of bloggers hate on the '95 Fleer sets, and have never understood it, I mean I see them and immediately think "90's", and that's not something that I would consider to be a negative.

    1. Not at all. My love is deep for Fleer 95!

  5. You're right. I hate almost all of these things. Lol! I feel like you "get me." I do however need to get a card with ectoplasm in it. Annnnnd...if we're being perfectly honest, I've always SAID that I would never ever ever ever ever....ever purchase Panini baseball products....but, their Diamond King sets are kind of a thing of beauty. Every time I see them it's literally a fight in my brain - "You said that you would never buy these." "Yes, but I like them...I'm just gonna buy a few." "Do not buy those." Great post and don't worry about being late with it, I was even later to the party than you.