Saturday, November 14, 2020

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 45:Noteworthy Adds

Let's talk about sets baby, let's talk about them with me, let's talk about all the good adds that can be, let's talk about sets.

This segment is back and we are getting down and dirty with some set adds. This time my latest help for my 1996 Zenith Noteworthy insert set.

Falling at 1:12, these Noteworthy cards note key stats from the 1995 season. There are 18 in the set to collect in all.

With these 7 new adds from Burbank Sportscards Beckett Marketplace (also saved 10% by using code 15Burbank), I am only 5 away from having the set.

What stands out to me, is the rainbow foil at the top and then a sepia foil set in at the bottom. It makes these cards not only shine, but the offset in colors makes them really stand out. 

1996 Zenith was full of great looking inserts and the base set as well. I completed the Z-Team chase but still have the football base, the 5 Noteworthy, and most of the Rookie Rising still to chase from the product before I am happy with it.

Plenty of Sets to come. You can chase sets at any age.


  1. I vaguely remember these, not sure if I pulled one but I did buy a handful of Zenith packs in 1995-96. Might have to track down that Jim Everett card. Also, I'm planning a Dan Marino post soon as part of a quarterback theme.

  2. These are nice inserts. I picked up the Favre last year for 50¢ at the flea market.