Monday, November 2, 2020

Mini Trades and RAK's

With my card room looking like an episode of Hoarders where they take you into the kitchen, I have mail days that were tucked away that really needed to have some light shone on them by posting them here.

We kick it off with a RAK mail day from @kevinspollen on the @NGTCollectibles Sunday RAK thread. This is a Topps Gold rookie card of Michael Strahan if you couldn't recognize him without that wonderful smile. Thanks Kevin for the card!

Up next, I made a small pwe trade with @JCannon and added my first non Rodney Hampton Mosaic cards to my Giants collection,

Eli base card

Saquon Got Game? Insert.
Thanks Josh for the two new additions. I can see why Mosaic has so much appeal to collectors. I may have to find some more for my Giants collection. I really like the look of the parallels from a distance.

The next card on here is yet another small PWE trade that I made from a sales thread I host on Twitter.

Daniel Jones has been one of the brighter spots for the team this season despite his numbers not fully showing it. I think a lot of people forget how athletic he is until they saw that long run against the Eagles. We will ignore the fact that he tripped and fell before he could reach the endzone but let's remember the rest of it.

This a new jersey card for the collection of Jones I have. I like relics that actually feature a full color photography. Also I dig the team colored border.

Thanks for the trade @chasinthegraph!

The final card caught my eye on the @employee84 PWE Friday thread I have spoken about many times. I miss out on many of the good cards on that thread, but occasionally will find something that at least catches my eye.

This Fred Taylor that @employee84 posted was one of those cards.
It was really hard to capture it's full beauty but I think you get the drift from what I did capture.

The back showing the card is numbered to 2500.

This is a perfect fit for my side PC of Taylor but also for my 90's Insert PC.

Thanks to @employee84 for the mail day.

Glad to have finally given the appropriate shout outs and to have caught up on these mail days before they fall even further into the abyss I call my Card Headquarters.