Monday, February 1, 2021

MMMB: Always Trading For Non Sports

Another mail day post recap? Yup! I am on a roll....well with trying to catch up on these.

My basic PC outline if you are a new reader or follower is, NY Giants, 90's inserts from 1995-1999 any team, sport or player and Non Sports that I mainly seek hits of but will take others as well. Of course there is always a branch outline full of sub-PC's of players and cards I collect but the basic outline is where it hits home the most.

Today is my second, maybe even third trade with new trade partner of 2020 in @CardboardSushi

I must admit once again, I have not seen any of the new Star Wars movies. I have only seen the first 6 which really I only liked the original trilogy of. But, I have been told that the newer movies are pretty good so maybe at some point I will start from 1 and go all the way through in order.

When it comes to cardboard though, whether I have seen the movie, TV show or listen to the music of the person, I still want it. 

Which is why I pulled this latest trade off with @CardboardSushi who had more Star Wars cards for me.
Shiny.....this falls under multiple PC's

I thought these manu relics really stand out

The medallion relics are pretty sharp as well.

But it was the autograph that took the cake in this lot. I don't know what role this character plays in Star Wars but I am digging the signature.

Thanks goes out to @CardboardSushi again for the trade and if any of you have any non sport hits just collecting dust, I am sure I would be interested regardless of who/what they are.


  1. Nien Nunb helped Lando blow up the 2nd Death Star.

  2. I don't care how much hype they get, I'll never be watching the newer SW films.