Monday, January 4, 2021

MMMB:Mail Day's Galore To Kick Off The New Year!

2020 has officially ended, what does that mean for this blog, some changes.

As you have already seen, I changed the face of this blog, name, added some new segments and updated a Top 15 Want List on the left side. I feel this is the best this blog has looked in years and plan to keep it this way. I do hope that you all like it as much as I do.

Today's post is a new segment that I am using to recap all of my mail days instead of doing a few cards at a time per day. It's called Monday Morning Mail Bag or in short, MMMB.

First up, my winnings from The View From The Third Floor who held some Halloween giveaways and I have been slacking in posting of my wonderful prize winning.

My PWE was loaded full of big names of the NFL, most of which I use in my by-player boxes I sort out.

These cards will pad those collections nicely. And no, these aren't the real cards, they are reprints but great looking reprints.

Thanks goes out to The View From The Third Floor for the giveaway and great mail day!

Up next, I have been doing so many PWE trades that I ate through a book+ of stamps for on Twitter.

This trade mail day was from Matt's Cards on Twitter. Great guy and easy to trade with. My favorite card was this Harry Carson from this trade. Cool design and relic.  I didn't have memorabilia card of him before so this is all new to me!

Thanks for the trade Matt's Cards!

My next trade had a bonus surprise card in it.
First up a Danny Dimes rookie year card I didn't have along with a Ximines rookie and Nate Solder Xtra points parallel.

Followed by an Aaron Judge parallel from Stadium Club

Miguel Andujar who I wished had more opportunities with the Yanks.

And Garrett Cooper. Not a name I am familiar with, but I also don't watch baseball as much as I used to either.

The surprise of the package was this Ozzie Newsome relic that will tie in really well with the autograph of him I landed in a Mega Box of Prestige I opened. I have been trying to tie together a relic and autograph of each Hall Of Famer autograph I have. It's a fun challenge. Some I only have the relic for so far such as Tom Brady who may be the most elusive autograph I need and most likely will never land.
Big thanks for the surprise @33CardShop and hope we can trade again!

The final card, an Evan Engram rookie auto "patch" I landed from @anthonyscards
I really like the look of these, well other than the small patch circle. I think a square would have looked better. But overall, solid design and I made sure not to drop it. Sorry, Evan that was a low blow for a Pro Bowl player. (once again I will never get how he made it)

Thanks goes out to @anthonyscards for the trade.

Hope everyone enjoyed this weeks mail day recap, more to come next Monday!


  1. It'll be interesting to see if Andujar can somehow find a way to bounce back to 2018 form.

    1. I sure hope he can and I hope gleyber can as well

  2. The blog definitely does look good. I really need to update my old 2011 look sometime soon!

  3. Harry Carson is someone that you never hear about anymore, which makes seeing a relic, or really any other modern card of him, just that much more fun.

    1. It's why I appreciate when panini includes those guys you dont always find in products like Carson or for me also hampton