Sunday, January 3, 2021

Rodney's Cardboard:2020 Mosaic Gold Disco Autograph /10

Rodney's Cardboard is back and yes some of you may be seeing this for a second time but I have done that on purpose. I didn't like having my Rodney Hampton collection over on Big Blue Cardboard blog as it wasn't being seen by as many since that blog is so small, I decided to bring it back on here. So this weeks Rodney's Cardboard and next weeks will be the ones I had originally posted on there.

New content for some of you and not for others who follow that blog. Sorry!

So let's get to why you clicked to read this.

Panini threw out a few surprises my way this year when it came to a couple of their football releases by adding in my boy Rodney. One of those two products I have been slowly knocking off with some trading help.

Panini Mosaic proved to be one of the hottest/popular new products out there in multiple sports. However, while many are chasing the top rookies of this years NFL and NBA class and their parallels, my focus went straight to knocking down some Rodney Hamptons.

Now I did miss out on one of the 1/1 parallel of this already, something I continue to kick myself over, I have added a few of the lower numbered ones including today's /10 add thanks to @CardpocalypseNC.
This marks my third card out of the eight Mosaic ones Panini released for Rodney. Other than the two 1/1's and the /8, this card is one of the tougher ones I needed to land and glad to have done so.