Sunday, January 10, 2021

Rodney's Cardboard:2020 Mosaic Gold Disco Autograph /10

Today marks another repeat post for some of you, but new to others. Hope you enjoy whether you are seeing it for the first time or the second.

This one is very similar to the last gold /10 I posted a couple of weeks ago on here except the design is a tad different.

The card is numbered 8/10 but lacks anything that is eye appealing on the back which has been typical of Panini autographed cards.

This newest Rodney Hampton has me creeping in on 740 different ones out of roughly 900 different cards he has. So closing in on that big number. But, first things first, gotta reach the smaller goal of 750. One thing I have learned as a Super Collector of a player is to set your goals small and appreciate every bit of the journey along the way.

Before closing today's Hampton post, I wanna say thanks to @CardpocalypseNC for the hookup on today's card in out latest trade.


  1. At this point, I don't think that Panini is ever going to do anything interesting with their backs.

    Having so many of his cards now, I'd be curious to know if you want Panini to continue to make more stuff of his, or would you rather they stop so you could actually try and complete his run?

    1. That's actually a tough answer. I hate the 1/1s to chase, I would be happy with some base, inserts and a few parallels maybe numbered to 25 at the lowest.

      I definitely want more cards made as the ones I am missing from the old ones are really rare so I am running out of options to chase. Right now there are no current Rodney Hamptons listed I need.

  2. Pretty. Gives off a superfractor vibe.