Friday, February 19, 2021

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 49:Get Out The Leather

You don't need whips and chains when you are working on sets, you just need some leather.

Piece by piece I have been building the 1998 Contenders Leather set with most of my help coming from Burbank Sport Cards website. In which I saved 10% off by using code 15Burbank at checkout. Also free shipping over $50.

This round I added 8 more for my set chase including Corey Dillion and this Terrell Davis.

Among this group as well.

I am still so far off from the set and missing the two biggest key pieces in the set with Randy Moss and Peyton Manning. I need to try and land those next so I can just add all of the smaller pieces so if you have either and want to pwe trade, hit me up.

I will be updating my needs for this set soon!


  1. Great set build. Your post motivated me to look up the Manning, since it'd be a cool rookie card to own and they're pretty affordable. Best of luck with the set.

    1. Thanks! yes, the manning isn't too crazy but I am still holding off for last I guess until I can get it

  2. Love this set, and love that your trying to build it!