Monday, February 22, 2021

MMMB: Landing Some Juniors

Every week, I host a sales thread on Twitter for those who do that kinda thing and @kemptribe joined in with a lot of Griffeys that caught my attention. But, without hobby funds, I always jump to asking if trading was an option which it was. Not everyone goes for trading when I ask, but I will say that about 85% do which is why it's never a bad thing to ask.

I just needed some new Griffeys in my life. If only I could update my PC numbers on here at some point.

Our trade even went further than Griffey as there was also some Giants cards I needed as well. A red Score Epix and Illusions Saquon. I really like the Illusions base card design.

Eli Manning Ring Of Honor. I miss Topps football and these inserts. I have about 10 of these cards of Eli overall between chrome and base and I don't ever plan on letting them go.

Our trade also helped me add a couple of RJ Barretts.

Thanks to @kemptribe for the trade! Hope we can do this again.


  1. Those are Juniors are nice, but not something that I would've thought anyone would be trying to sell on Twitter. I know that they came via trade, but hopefully the person wasn't trying to sell base cards for some crazy high Twitter price.

    1. No they were fair and were in the trade as well. i have dealt with them previously as well