Tuesday, February 9, 2021

RJ's Cardboard:2019-2020 Prizm Draft Blue Prizm

Shiny, Duke blue and an upcoming star all sums up this card.

It amazes me the huge difference in both value and price when it comes to Prizm Draft vs Prizm. You can land cards of top players in Prizm Draft for next to nothing in comparison to Prizm.

You would think with as popular as college sports are that they would be a driving value but it's really about the pro uniforms.

That's okay as I can land cards like this easier and thanks to @CardPocalaypseNC for helping me do so.


  1. People on Twitter always say that a player's cards in his college uni are only "sellable" until his first pro cards come out. I don't know if this true or not, but I do recall that there never was a lot of interest back in the 90's college cards either, even those depicting the most popular players of the time.

    1. Which is surprising as popular as college sports are. I don't get into them but many do.