Sunday, February 21, 2021

Rodney's Cardboard:1991 Pinnacle Promo Panels

There not a lot of early 90's cards for my Hampton PC I lack, but one of them finally popped up. The 1991 Pinnacle Promo Panels.

This is an uncut sheet basically in smaller form. These are 4 regular size cards, same ones you would find of 1991 Pinnacle, all grouped into one. Of course one player, or star, to me stands out above the rest on here.

The backs remain the same as well.

Thanks goes out to my buddy Shane of Cheap Wax Wednesday fame for the trade on this one.

More Sundays to come and more new Rodney pickups to show off!


  1. Loved this set when it first came out. Never seen this promo panel though. Very cool.

    1. This wasn't easy to find either. Searched forever and one finally popped up

  2. This set was very unique looking for the time, and still looks really good to this day.