Saturday, February 20, 2021

Saturday's In The 90's: It's Complete!

Emmitt's reaction was the same as mine when I heard that my buddy @CardpocalypseNC had located and found the last missing piece for my 1997 Action Packed Studs set.

It was a year long need after I had located and built the remaining parts of the set. I didn't expect to finally complete this childhood dream set. Heck, after I owned one card from the set it was a childhood dream come true.

Here is the 9 card set all together. I just wished my camera could capture the beauty of them all.

I am also one card into the 1996 set and have contemplated doing that one as well as that set is only 6 cards but it appears the cards may cost a bit more each. But, if I can make this dream come true, it doesn't mean I can't make that one come true as well.

Thanks to Tim again for the help with this set. I am beyond happy to finally have this one crossed off.