Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Tradin' With Pops Again

Along with posting a box break of Topps Holiday on Cards Over Coffee, I also was able to grab some other cards in our trade.

First we kick it off with Todd Walker autograph that he pulled from a box break. What's significant about a Todd Walker autograph? Nothing other than being a 90's auto.

Set help!!!!

Camby rookie! Love this ultra design.

This was just a filler card.

Play Maker Insert of John Stockton

This was probably my favorite Hoops design of the 90's, I will always take base cards from it.

Grant Hill Flair

Set Help Part 2

Charles Barkley. I do have this set so this one will just go in the player box.

Thanks to my pops for another fun trade. Hopefully I won't have to give up as much next time just so I can have a box break haha.


  1. I wish I would have purchased the 1996-97 Fleer Ultra set before the boom. Great looking set and such an awesome rookie class. Speaking of great looking... that Flair Grant Hill rookie card looks fantastic.

    1. AGree on both parts. Wished I had picked up a lot of the 90s sets I wanted that included Kobe before they went up

  2. Hopefully you're not trying to collect the '96-97 Ultra set, as despite their being a gazillion copies out there, Kobe's rookie seems to have gone absolutely bonkers price-wise.

    1. Yeah, not touching that set at all despite how much I like it