Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Eli's Cardboard:Latest Adds

I have a confession to make, I am one of those buyers that eBay hates. I am a low baller.

But, how can I not be? I have a very limited tight budget to spend on cards and I try my best to get the most out of every situation.

When I got a $25 eBay gift card for my birthday I wanted to make sure I let that baby stretch as far as I could.

That Eli above, $2.40. I have been wanting the Super Bowl 46 version a long time. I have multiple chromed versions for that card for Super Bowl 46.

This card /25 is needed for my Clear Shots rainbow and seller wanted $25 for it. I first of all wasn't going to pay that and second of all didn't have that in my budget.  I also felt it was a little steep comparing it to others I bought in the rainbow chase so I offered $10. The seller countered with $20 in which I countered with $15 and they accepted.

Now I am only the 1/1 Purple away from completion.

Finally, being the only bidder on this quad relic for $1.77 I thought was a tremendous score. Other than Eli, Willis had a solid career as well.

I know I am not alone in admitting to be a cheap buyer. I also won't accept any offers unless they fall in what I consider a "fair" range in my budget unless I desperately need the card.

How about you guys? Anyone else out there a low baller/cheap buyer?


  1. I am definitely a cheap buyer, so I pick and choose what I want to get. I have no issue sending low offers or even waiting for an item to come up in an auction. Sometimes it works and other times it doesnt. I wanted an RJ Barret Court King Level II rookie for a good price. Most wanted $35-$40 for it. I sent several offers for $20 with many rejections until I actually found a seller who had it for $20 with open to offers and he took $15 for it. It took 2 months to get at that price, but it was worth it.

    And there was a Tiki 1/1 that I wanted and couldn't agree on a price. Seller had it listed for $200, but would take $150.00. I will usually go to about $75-85 for a 1/1 so we were too far apart for me to make another offer. When he finally put it up for auction, it sold for $152, and I didn't get it. Sometimes you lose some and I can live with that.

  2. I pretty much only do the cheap stuff these days. That being said, I never try to low-ball anyone. If it's listed for a lot with a BIN, I just don't bother. I figure if it's meant to be, I'll come across a cheap one someday, and if it isn't, I won't.