Friday, April 2, 2021

Giants Cardboard:Oren Trades Again!

It wasn't too long after our first trade that I was emailed by Cards Over Coffee reader Oren about doing another trade. Which is great since our first trade ran so smoothly.

You are probably wondering why I didn't put this post on Cards Over Coffee and that answer is simple, I am trying to figure out where I stand with all three of my blogs and the unknown futures of each. Things will be changing, I just don't know how yet.

Anyways, let's get back on today's post.

The first trade I made with Oren was primarily focused on Non Sport cards, this time we take a look at NY Giants.

2012 Topps Chrome 1984 Rueben Randle.

2012 Topps Chrome 1965 Rueben Randle

2020 Elite Daniel Jones

2020 Mosaic Got Game Saquon Barkley

2019 Unparalleled Darius Slayton

And finally, 2020 Elite Spellbound Red /99. If everyone remembers I collected the entire green nameplate but this red looked too good to turn down. This card shows off it's true Giants feel.

Thanks to Oren for the trade mail day. I am looking forward to the next one!

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