Wednesday, April 14, 2021

I Don't, But I Do

As 2021 moves on, I find myself actually starting to put more focus on my collection and what I like to trade for/acquire etc.

My one exception, is my great big boxes of goodies from reader Grady M.

Grady sends along a huge box filled with inserts, parallels and team hits. It's sometimes mind blowing what I will find in the boxes and the dig is just as fun as the cards I find.

He sent another round of his goodness around Christmas and I am just getting to do a series of posts on it now. There is no way I could ever cover all of them though. NEVER. Unless you want me to do a post every day of it and I figured you wouldn't want to see that continuously so I will just focus on some things that really caught my eye.

Today, I am starting off the shiny NASCAR that I found in the box.

Yes, this Deegan isn't shiny, but I like the design and it's my first card of her. I really want a rookie card of her as well.

Prizm continues to be one of my favorites from Panini no matter the sport. The parallels put Chrome refractors to shame.

There's just something about shiny and cars.

These Velocity inserts are amazing in color.

This wasn't even all of the NASCAR fun but for this round of Grady M posts, it will be all that I tackle.

More goodness to follow in this series.


  1. Good looking cards. The Deegan really is nice. Also like the Harvick and Bowyer cards. I'm really enjoying NASCAR cards of late. Good post.

  2. Don't care for NASCAR. That being said, the green Power Train is pretty nice looking.