Sunday, April 4, 2021

Rodney's Cardboard:1996 Crown Royale NFL Regime

Falling 1 per pack, these NFL Regime inserts could be found in packs of 1996 Crown Royale football.

I was scrolling through my Rodney Spreadsheet and that one glared out at me. I was surprised I didn't have one since they are plentiful to be found and don't cost very much.

So I found myself on Burbank Sport Card Beckett Marketplace and low and behold, they had one for .50.
So I added it without hesitation. Another one knocked down and it also completes my needs for that product.

Also I wanted to mention I also saved 10% even off this Hampton on the Burbank Sport Cards Beckett Marketplace website by using code 15Burbank at checkout. Also free shipping over $50 if you want or can spend that much. It probably won't take very much to spend that much looking at all of their inventory.

1 comment:

  1. That's an attractive insert. Being Pacific, I'm a bit surprised that it isn't all shiny though.