Sunday, April 11, 2021

Rodney's Cardboard:Autographed Football

It's Sunday, so time for another round of Rodney Hampton goodness.

Today's piece was added not too long ago and was a surprise from my good friend @TCov11 who sent along this autograph football he bought from a buddy of his. There is no COA, but I have seen enough Rodney signatures to know that this one is fully legit.

It's the very first autograph football in my collection for Rodney Hampton.

Now I have 2 autographed jerseys, 1 autographed Upper Deck piece, 1 autographed magazine, 2 autographed mini helmets and now this football. Only thing really lacking in my Super PC is an autograph photo or two.

Big thanks goes out to @TCov11 for this latest piece in my collection and hopefully I can find something to send your way as a thank you.

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