Saturday, April 17, 2021

Saturday's In The 90's: Metal

There's not much I am going to say about today's post as the pictures of these cards speak for themselves.

I was reminded back at the end of 2020 how awesome and amazing the Fleer Metal sets were from 1996-1998 and that reminder led me to seek out any and all of the cards I could get my hands onto regardless of sport.

My buddy @CardpocalypseNC and I pulled off a trade where he included a good amount of Fleer Metal cards.

So, even though my writing in today's article is short, I think the images will say enough.

I could stare at these all day. I can't wait to add more.

Thanks again to Tim on the Metal cards and my apologies for taking so long to post about them!


  1. I'm a Metal guy too. I recently put my 1996 Metal basketball set into a binder for easy viewing. I didn't stare at it all day, but I definitely flipped through hit a few times.

  2. Metal has always been very hit-or-miss for me. These days it's a lot more miss than hit though.

  3. Big fan of the Metal also, although I thought it got weird with the crazy backgrounds.