Saturday, April 24, 2021

Saturday's In The 90's:It's All The Rave

Collecting in the 90's was all the Rave but for the fun part of the hobby. At least in my area. As collectors collected just for fun and weren't worry about making big bucks.

Those were the good days...though I still live there myself. 

I picture myself in the 90's everyday and reminisce back to the fun times in life and in the hobby. Remembering and still joining in still on times when chasing rare and tough-to-pull inserts were a trophy even if the player you had wasn't.

One of those inserts that combines both of the rare and tough-to-pull were the 1997 Skybox Thunder Raves.

Despite falling at a rate of 1:36, these were not easy to find. I must had busted a couple of boxes back then and never found one. When you search eBay, you don't many and you most likely don't find multiples of the same player. The odds would make them seem to be easy to find.

But the fact they only have 150 made of each, they are not.

I find this to be odd since you can pull today's 1:36 insert odds almost every box or blaster and cards numbered to 150 are every day finds. Unless they come from the 90's.

This is only the third Rave in my collection and my second Giants one other than Rodney Hampton. This card was less than $4 too which is a huge score in my books.


  1. Nice addition. I definitely crave the Rave parallels too.

  2. Most of the bigger names on the basketball side have counterfeits-a-plenty out there now, I'm guessing it isn't nearly as bad for baseball and football though.