Saturday, April 3, 2021

Saturday's In The 90's:Rubies

Girls are known to like Diamonds, but I think guys, especially ones from the 90's like Rubies.

Just so nobody gets offended, this doesn't mean that guys can't like Diamonds or girls can't like rubies.

Now that I covered that, let's see my latest add.
Skybox Rubies parallels especially from 1998, were not easy pulls at all. I never packed pulled one in my life. There are no given odds on these cards, but Cards 1-210 are numbered to 50, and cards 211-250 are numbered to just 35.

When I saw that Burbank Sportscards Beckett Marketplace had one of a Giant and that it was one of my Top 5 favorite Giants players, I had to grab it. I also saved 10% by using code 15Burbank at checkout.

The back of the card with the numbering to 50.

This is the second rare 90's insert I have added of Way, but my first Rubies card of any Giants and only my second Rubies card in my collection.


  1. Awesome card. It's beautiful, rare, and one of those highly sought after parallels. I think the only one I have sitting in my collection is a Hines Ward I picked up in a flea market I purchased a few years ago for $20.

  2. I wonder if the baseball and football Rubies will ever reach the heights that the basketball ones have?