Saturday, May 1, 2021

The Summer Of Matt

Just like on Seinfeld with the Summer Of George, this will be the Summer Of Matt.

I am planning to take a blogcation from this blog and the Big Blue Cardboard blog, but I won't leave you high and dry without a daily post on here at least.

So from tomorrow until September 14th, I have already put in place daily posts. How did I make that possible, I spent one whole weekend to make it possible by spending four hours of putting it in place. Good thing I had some extra time for once.

Here is what to expect starting tomorrow for posts,

  • Cards Over Coffee republished posts. I am still trying to promote that blog and I feel the best way to do so is to post some samples from that blog and attach a link to each post. I also plan to be down to one blog by March 2022 so part of this cross promotion will help me with that decision next year as well. There will be close to 50 republished posts.
  • A few other fillers from May 9th to May 13th as I forgot to fill those days in with Cards Over Coffee posts.\
  • Summer Of Wes. I got a massive mail day from Wes back in December and have only posted a handful of the cards so far and figured what better time then to post my Top 100 favorite cards from the bunch. The Top 10 will have you stunned so be ready for those. Cards from 100-19 are in no order, however, cards 19-1 are ranked in order.
Why am I taking a break? I have a few reasons.
  • Need some time to fix my collection. Spending the extra time on all of the blogs is taking away from actual collecting. It's all a mess and it has taken away from my trading to as I haven't had time to make piles for my usual trading partners.
  • I want to be able to put some fresh new posts on Cards Over Coffee occasionally. That blog isn't a everyday blog which is what makes it great.
  • Mental. Just need a mental vacation from posting on here as my ideas have dried up, my stats are down and comments are nil to one. This could very well be the final year run of this blog and I know I have said that before, but this time is different.
  • Blogging In General. I am not tired of blogging by any means, but need to find my place again. Some break time may help figure out which blog I will stick with down the road
The published posts on here in that time frame will also only be available to those who follow or subscribe to the blog as I won't be sharing posts on Twitter. Like I said, I plan to slow down and take a break. I will do my best to reply to any comments left on here in that timeframe.

Most mail days I get will be tweeted out so follow me on Twitter at @collec_sport to see those. Other mail days with specific cards will be posted on Cards Over Coffee.

Hope you do enjoy the posts that appear on here and as I always keep saying, go follow Cards Over Coffee, add it to your blogroll, and share it as well!

I hope everyone has a great summer and I will be back on here in the fall!


  1. I'll probably sound like a prick for saying this, but I think all of the filler posts might be what's hurting the blog. I know that you have the need to post everyday, but when the posts are the equivalent of a Tweet, you're not giving people a lot of incentive to want to click and comment.

    Your break is well deserved, and I hope that your able to find the time to have some fun.

    1. I havent done any filler posts for the first 4 months of this year and nothing improved. So I thought it was time to slow down and get my thoughts back together. I definitely need to narrow my decision to one blog. Whether it's this one or cards over coffee. By March 1st I should be able to tell which way it will be.

      I prefer to stay on cards over coffee but really need to see some serious growth on there from this cross promoting.

  2. I fully endorse the "Summer of Matt" and hope that the extra time is beneficial!

  3. I hope you get to enjoy your time off. Maybe every day posts aren't your thing these days.