Sunday, June 13, 2021

Rodney's Cardboard:2020 Select Blue Parallel /99

Rodney's Cardboard is back and so am I on this blog. After taking more than a month off from posting on here, I feel refreshed and ready to bring some new energy into this blog starting today.

What this means for my other two blogs especially Cards Over Coffee, well, for now they will be put on hiatus.

To put fuel to the fire for this blog, I have accomplished some great things for my Rodney Hampton collecting including a couple of finished rainbows and a deep 2020 Select chase I will be starting to share first.

This Select chase starts off today with the Blue Prizm parallel. Which sounds weird having to call a non Prizm product a Prizm. I wished I could just call it a blue refractor. I refer to these as just plain (insert color) parallels.

The blue parallel I am showing off today looks more outstanding in person. Blue is my favorite color and this card also matches Giants team colors which makes it possibly my favorite in the set.

The blues are numbered to 99.

Here is the complete chase below. With each card I reveal, I will be crossing it off on this list. You can find my complete haves and needs HERE. (if you want to blow the fun )
57 Signatures Black Prizm 1/1
57 Signatures Black Prizm Die-Cut 1/1
57 Signatures Green Prizm /5
57 Signatures Green Prizm Die-Cut /5
57 Signatures Gold Prizm /10
57 Signatures Gold Prizm Die-Cut /10
57 Signatures Tie-Dye Prizm /25
57 Signatures Tie-Dye Prizm Die-Cut /25
57 Signatures White Prizm /35
57 Signatures Light Blue Prizm /50
57 Signatures Maroon Prizm /75
57 Signatures Blue Prizm /99
57 Signatures Prizm /199

It looks like I have a long ways to go, but I promise, this list will narrow down as these posts come along each and every Sunday from today on.

I am sure by now you are excited to see some new content on here again, but may be wondering what will happen to the Summer Of Wes posts, don't fret, I won't leave you hanging. I am sure you all must be wondering what the Top 10 will be and which card or possibly cards will be number 1. Those posts will be dual posts somedays and fillers on others as I ease myself back onto here with new and better content.

I hope everyone has an amazing Sunday and thanks for reading,


  1. The front of that card is a lot nicer then the back! Cant wait to see how the rainbow looks when completed.

    1. I hopefully will get there some day! But, for now I will post the pieces I have.