Sunday, June 27, 2021

Rodney's Cardboard:2020 Select Maroon Parallel /75

It's Sunday and since I missed last week with Rodney's Cardboard, I wasn't going to miss another especially with more new Rodney's on the way.

I have been crazy busy with cleaning and organizing projects around the house (and with cards) while also keeping up with gardening, that I really haven't had time to come on here much to do real posts. Hopefully, things will slow down soon so I can return to full time on here again. In the meantime, enjoy the Summer Of Wes Countdown.

As for today's Rodney, we go back into Select Football 2020 with the first card I acquired in my rainbow chase for Select.
The Maroon parallel, scratches are on the 1-touch not the card, is the third level parallel in the autograph rainbow right behind the silver /199 and the one I featured first in the blue /99.

The Maroon is /75.

Here is the complete chase below. With each card I reveal, I will be crossing it off on this list. You can find my complete haves and needs HERE. (if you want to blow the fun )

57 Signatures Black Prizm 1/1
57 Signatures Black Prizm Die-Cut 1/1
57 Signatures Green Prizm /5
57 Signatures Green Prizm Die-Cut /5
57 Signatures Gold Prizm /10
57 Signatures Gold Prizm Die-Cut /10
57 Signatures Tie-Dye Prizm /25
57 Signatures Tie-Dye Prizm Die-Cut /25
57 Signatures White Prizm /35
57 Signatures Light Blue Prizm /50
57 Signatures Maroon Prizm /75
57 Signatures Blue Prizm /99
57 Signatures Prizm /199

Next week, I will be featuring one of the more rarer parallels in this chase.

So come back next week for another new Rodney's Cardboard!

Hope everyone has a magnificent Sunday and God Bless!


  1. Being busy with gardening is a good thing, especially when you live in an area with a shorter growing season. You gotta get all of those vegetables stored before winter!

    1. Yes! Except I have had a few friends eating my plants...grr...