Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Rodney's Cardboard:2020 Select White Prizm /35

We are down to the final two Rodney showoffs for my Select chase unless another pops up soon.

Today, we are staring at the White Prizm parallel.
Not at all that stunning, kind of plain like the silver parallel.

It is numbered to 35 however and is the only one this parallel to pop up so far so I was lucky that my buddy Shane was able to snag it for me.

Here is the complete chase below. With each card I reveal, I will be crossing it off on this list. You can find my complete haves and needs HERE. (if you want to blow the fun )

57 Signatures Black Prizm 1/1
57 Signatures Black Prizm Die-Cut 1/1
57 Signatures Green Prizm /5
57 Signatures Green Prizm Die-Cut /5
57 Signatures Gold Prizm /10

57 Signatures Gold Prizm Die-Cut /10
57 Signatures Tie-Dye Prizm /25
57 Signatures Tie-Dye Prizm Die-Cut /25

57 Signatures White Prizm /35
57 Signatures Light Blue Prizm /50
57 Signatures Maroon Prizm /75
57 Signatures Blue Prizm /99
57 Signatures Prizm /199

Til next time, keep an eye out on Rodney's for me!

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